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"The only word that I can say for Vernon is wow.


I don’t mean that lightly, and because I want every woman to experience what I have experienced, I’ll give you the scoop...."

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Yellow Water Lily

T. H.

"Vernon was approachable and more than helpful about everything that occurred during sessions, and went above and beyond to make even the most minute of details and occurrences feel comfortable, seamless, and dare I say, blessed..."

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"You explained the details so well... I had a map of what to expect.  It sounded luxurious and ended up being exactly that! I can't tell you how full, lush and tender your session was for me.  I cried so many times just from that realization.  I felt so held and cared for..."

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"The fact that he takes his time with you, and works so hard to create such a high level of trust and safety with you, says so much about the type of man he is..."

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Pink Rose


"Vernon is nothing short of a magician.

The space he created for me was so loving and sensual. He quickly put me at ease when I was feeling anxious..."

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"Ladies, Vernon is the kind of man you only hope exists: sensual, loving, tender, and yet also incredibly strong, solid and..."

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Lily Flower


"He is a good, old-fashioned gentleman. Which a lot of us strong, sensible ladies know the world is lacking these days..."

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Pink Rose


"I was really nervous to meet with Vernon before we got together but, within minutes of knowing him, my fears started to melt away...."

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Pink Flower Petals


"There is a loneliness epidemic. Maybe you've felt it. I felt it in my core while being in a disconnected 25-year marriage, especially during the last 4 years which were completely void of any intimacy..."

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Bible Text


"I am still amazed and awed at the pure magic that comes from this man's essence..."

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Bouquet of Flowers


"Absolutely the best massage this side of heaven. Vernon was a Massage Angel!..."

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purple lotus.jpg


"Vernon's ability to create & hold a safe space with clear intentions and respect for boundaries is exemplary..."

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pink lotus.jpg


"Vernon really makes sure to be present during all of your healing...

 I think that's what makes him different than the rest..."

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purple lotus.jpg


"Vernon helped me feel my worth again through his words and healing hands. I've never felt more safe, more worthy, and more beautiful..."

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“I've been sitting here for over a week trying to figure out how to put into words the healing that Vernon has brought into my life.


I work in the medical field, and I am extremely professional and cautious when it comes to people claiming that they can balance and heal energies.  

I spend my life helping others, to the detriment and depletion of myself, and so finding someone to help me with this is crucial.


To regenerate it is important to spend time on self care, one of which included touch by another person for me as I was deeply wounded from trauma that others had inflicted on me physically and emotionally and I did not trust anyone.


I had searched and interviewed several individuals who's energy and tantric services came highly recommended.  But none of them compared to Vernon. 


Upon first meeting he took all the time I needed to meet me in a public place, to answer all of my questions and was more professional than most of the colleagues I have. Warmth, kindness and balance are the 3 words I used to describe him from the very first meeting I had.  


When I decided to utilize his services the level of professionalism, deep listening, balance, explanation, and boundary setting that he practices I found second to none.  

Vernon is a true healer, a light worker, and an experience with him will be unlike anything you will ever have again.  


He gives you 100% control and makes sure that he understands deeply what you need.  

I cannot explain to you what healing has taken place from even one session with him. 


Vernon is the real deal, he is authentic and gifted.

I have sent clients to see him for healing deep wounds, only for them to find changes that medication, therapy, exercise and talk therapy could not bring about.


I recommend this man and his work as highly as I can recommend a person that works in a field of healing and care for others.  I am truly blessed to know he exists and to have found him.


Anyone who knows me will continue to watch me soften and change as I work with Vernon.  


I hope you decide to move forward with Vernons services even if you are a little frightened of the modalities that he can work in.  You will never regret it and you will be changed, and me...healed.” - L.S.