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'Healing is an art. It takes time,

It takes practice. It takes love.'


Maza Dohta

I feel lucky that I came across his services. I know that I am a changed woman today because of my interactions with him. He has helped me learn things about myself that I didn't even know I needed to learn and to grow in ways that I never knew I could. It truly has been a healing experience.

Vernon showed me the utmost respect and frequently checked in on me to make sure I was comfortable.It was a profound experience. I literally felt my worth and my beauty light up again. My desires in life are mine to have. No doubt. It was an experience I will treasure forever.

Warmth, kindness and balance are the 3 words I used to describe him from the very first meeting I had.   

Vernon is a true healer, a light worker, and an experience with him will be unlike anything you will ever have again.  

Vernon regularly travels the U.S.
Get in touch to see when he'll be in your area!

Massage          Reiki Healing         Tantric Healing          Awakening          Goddess          Cuddling          Companion         Couples

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