Hi, I’m Vernon, and I am the founder of Healing Arts by Vernon. I’m a Certified Reiki Master, Masseur, Tantric Healer, Sacred Intimate, Intimacy Coach, Touch Therapist,  Professional Cuddler, Pleasure Provider, Sexual Surrogate, and Travel Companion. Whew, thats a mouthful, right? I know, I know, “what the heck does all that mean,” you ask? Well, I’ll do my best to answer all of your questions right here, on the website. Or, because I don’t believe in hiding behind the veil of a website, like a modern day “Wizard of Oz,” feel free to click on the “Contact” tab and get a hold of me directly! Better still, book me for a one hour free consultation!

One of the most asked questions I receive is, how does a farm boy from Indiana, raised by staunch Republican parents, change his viewpoints so drastically to become the liberal, spiritual, mindful person that I am today? Well, it certainly did not happen overnight. By the end of 2010, I had achieved all the milestones that make up a country song…I found myself divorced, unemployed, broke, and homeless…and my Mom died. Additionally, this was the year I was honorably discharged from the United States Army Reserves, after serving as a Combat Medic since 1988. I would’ve renewed my enlistment , but a training accident left me with bulging discs in my back and permanent paralysis in my right leg. Needless to say, the Army would not let me re-enlist because of these injuries. Furthermore, I sank into a pretty deep depression. I floundered for awhile, trying to decide what was next for me. With a passion and the skillset for leading others, but lacking a college degree, I enrolled in the Bachelors of Human Resources Management program at Regis University. Graduation came in December, 2015, and though I’d worked hard to maintain a 4.0 GPA and earn the highest distinction of summa cum laude, I’d lost my desire to re-enter the traditional workforce. I’d even walk out of job interviews actually hoping that I DIDN’T get the job! 


Finally, in October, 2016, upon completion of my first Tantra workshop, I knew I’d  discovered my true “calling” and my purpose in life. This was where I witnessed first hand the healing power of Sacred Sexual Healing. 


Today, I  am humbled and honored to serve those in need of my unique “niche” of touch therapy. If you have been sexually traumatized through egregious acts of rape, sexual assault, molestation, or incest, let me help you heal with my Sacred Sexual Healing Session. If you feel closed off, sexually, find it difficult to give or receive intimacy, or are tired of feeling guilty for enjoying your sexuality, let me help you with my Sexual Awakening Session. If you just wish you could experience the strong arms of a tender-hearted man, being wrapped around you in a safe container, with no ulterior motives, then let me help you with one of my cuddling sessions. Maybe, you have an event coming up, like a wedding or a high school reunion, and you’d like to be attached at the arm of a handsome, doting, gentleman…or you love to travel, but hate traveling alone…you can now book me through my Companion Session! 


Life is too short to be burdened with all of the negative feelings that are associated with sexual trauma, like guilt, shame, anger, rage, embarrassment, etc… Left untreated, this emotional baggage, can manifest into real physical symptoms like increased stress and irritability, headaches, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, eating disorders, sexual disorders...the list goes on and on! Research has proven that healthy, safe, consensual touch boosts moods, by releasing endorphins that aid in the healing of all of these ailments! .


It is my wish to put you on the path to becoming your best, most confident and awakened self, through the healing power of touch therapy. I want to help you transform your life!

Originally from Southern Indiana, I've lived in Denver, Colorado for more the past fourteen years. I now travel the world, empowering women and men to step into their power and reclaim their self-confidence!


Brightest blessings,


Vernon Smith 

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